1. Aune T1SE Tube USB DAC / Headphone Amplifier - Silver

    Aune T1SE Tube USB DAC / Headphone Amplifier - Silver


    The Aune T1SE is a visually stunning and well built 24-bit USB DAC and headphone amp capable of driving both demanding and low impedance headphones. The performance of the T1 with the 6922EH Electro Harmonix tube is simply amazing. The input range of analog or USB signal through separate headphone amplifier to drive your HIFI headphones, it can not only protect your headphone, also let you enjoy the music. 

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    Aune B1 Headphone Amplifier - Black

    Aune B1 Class A Headphone Amplifier - Black

    Regular Price: €199.00

    Special Price €175.00

    The B1 is a class A portable HiFi Headphone amplifier. Manufactured of high quality components and housed in a CNC milled aluminum case, the Aune B1 is a welcome addition to a long line of high quality audio components from Aune Audio.

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