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What Is A Phono Preamp and Do I Really Need One for My Record Player?

What Is A Phono Preamp and Do I Really Need One for My Record Player?

 (SPOLIER - The Answer Is Yes but Read On To Find Out Why)


What Is A Phono Preamp?

Simply put, a phono preamp is a small external audio device that makes sure your record player can connect to your speakers or sound system. External phono preamps are also used for turntable-to-computer applications and are ideal for those who want the highest quality sound from their turntable. A phono stage is the built in version of a phono preamp.

What Does A Phono Preamp Actually Do?

The aim of a phono preamp is to amplify the signal from a record player so that it is received by your audio system, the same way it receives any other type of audio source. The signal that comes from your record player is generally around 1000 times lower than the signal that comes from a streaming device, so in order to hear music from vinyl via your stereo system or your speakers, a signal boost is needed. That is where a preamp comes in. Preamps play a vital role in your audio setup and the quality of sound you experience.

Do I Need A Phono Preamp?

The bottom line is, if you want to enjoy your collection of vinyl at a volume that you can actually hear, you need a phono preamp somewhere in your setup. If your record player (or your hifi amp) has a phono stage built in then you might be good to go but adding an external preamp will upgrade your sound beyond what's possible with the built-in phono stage. Many audiophiles prefer the standalone version as it offers the best sound quality and experience.

How Much Will A Preamp Cost Me?

Like pretty much everything else in life, the sky is the limit. Budget phono preamps start at just €79 for this Pro-Ject Phono Box MM to the top of the line, cutting edge Rega Aura Reference Moving Coil Pre-amplifier . Fear not, at HiFiHut, we are happy to chat with you and help find the best preamp for your budget and needs.

Get in touch with us today to discover our collection of phono preamps. We make everything crystal clear.

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