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Speakers: Bi-wiring & Bi-amping

Speakers: Bi-wiring & Bi-amping

When you purchase a new pair of loudspeakers you may notice two sets of terminals on the rear panel.


This allows for Bi-Wiring, the process where two runs of loudspeaker cable are taken from a single set of speaker terminals on the amplifier – One for the high frequencies to the tweeter and the other for the low frequencies to the Bass unit. This generates a natural split between high and low frequencies, helps to improve bass definition and clarity in the top end.

Bi-Wiring is not to be confused with Bi-Amping, which actually takes this process a step further.

Instead of wiring two sets of speakers cables from a single amplifier terminal, seperate amplifier terminals are used to wire to the High frequency terminals and the low frequency terminals. The advantage being that the amplifiers work more efficiently, there’s less chance of overload and you can enjoy music at higher volumes without distortion or clipping.

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