1. Grado Cushion Pads for SR225i, SR325i, RS1, RS2i (GR0120)

    Grado L-Cushion Pads for SR225, SR325, RS1, RS2

    These are a set of replacement earpads for the SR225, SR225, SR325, SR325, RS1, RS1, RS2, RS2 headphones in black. Suitable for use with the older iSeries and newer eSeries. Learn More
  2. Grado Cushion Pads for SR60i, SR80i, SR125i (GR0115)

    Grado S-Cushion Pads for SR60, SR80, SR125

    These are a set of replacement earpads for the Grado SR60, SR80, SR125 headphones in black. Learn More
  3. Grado Cushion Pads for iGrado (GR0113)

    Grado I-Cushion Pads for iGrado

    These are a set of replacement earpads for the iGrado Headphones (Black). Learn More
  4. Grado Cushion Pads for GS1000i, PS1000 (GR0125)

    Grado G-Cushion Pads for GS1000, PS1000

    These are a set of replacement earpads for the GS1000 / PS1000 headphones in black. Learn More
  5. Grado Adaptor Cable 6.3mm to 3.5mm (GR0110)

    Grado 15cm Adaptor Cable - 6.3mm to 3.5mm

    This is a great addition to your HiFi system and enables you to turn your 6.3mm Jack Plug into a 3.5mm Jack Plug. Learn More
  6. Grado On Ear eGrado Headphones - Blue

    Grado On Ear eGrado Headphones - Blue

    Designed for the portable electronics market, our goal was to create a street-style headphone that will sonically outperform anything available in the affordable portable market. The eGrado is functionally stylish, lightweight and comfortable. Learn More
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    Grado Carry Case (GR0002)

    Grado Headphone Carry Case

    Regular Price: €31.00

    Special Price €22.00

    Designed to keep your Grado headphones protected when travelling or not in use. The moulded interior ensures a secure fit. Not compatible with GS1000 or iGrado. Learn More
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    Grado IGe In-Ear Headphones

    Grado IGe In-Ear Headphones

    Regular Price: €119.00

    Special Price €99.00

    A proprietary wide bandwidth dynamic design provides the listener with unsurpassed performance. The compact size allows earphone to nestle within the ear canal, maintaining an excellent air seal for improved bass and reduction of outside noise without causing discomfort. Compatible with Apple devices.

    Learn More
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    Grado GR0100 450cm Extension Cable (GR0100)

    Grado GR0100 450cm Headphone Extension Cable - Open Box

    Regular Price: €47.00

    Special Price €39.00

    Grado 450cm Headphone Extension Cable, 6.3mm socket to 6.3mm plug.

    * Customer return, unused in perfect condition with full warranty.

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    Grado SR80e On-Ear Headphones
    Out of stock

    Grado SR80e On-Ear Headphones & Carrycase - Open Box

    Out of stock

    Regular Price: €119.00

    Special Price €89.00

    Whether you're into gaming or jamming, Grado'd perfectly proportioned soundstage delivers the midrange you love and the details you crave. The 4-conductor cable and gold-plated mini-plug bring the sparkle back to your audio or gaming system, tablet or phone. 

    * Perfect condition, customer return. Unused with all accessories. Includes full warranty & Grado Carrycase. No original packaging.

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