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Audiolab DC Block

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Original price €109.00
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Color: Black
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Delivering ‘clean’ power to your amp, the Audiolab DC Blocker reduces transformer noise, letting you hear more of the music and less of the electronics.

Key Features

  • Removes DC from AC mains supply
  • Reduces transformer hum
  • Reduces RF interference
  • Improves the performance of audio components

Direct Current Blocker – banish the hum

DC (Direct Current) signals within the mains current may be small but can noticeably affect sound quality. As the DC current enters a toroidal power transfer it becomes saturated, reducing the transformer’s efficiency and causing audible vibration. Connecting the DC Blocker reduces the mechanical hum and restores the mechanical efficiency – letting you concentrate on the music and not the background noise.

Mains conditioner and RF filter

As well as DC removal, the DC Block also provides additional mains conditioning and RF filtering. These help reduce background noise further still, as noise from other components on the mains system (such as a fridge or dimmer switch switching on and off) is effectively filtered out.

Improves the entire system

With a quieter mains signal being feed to your amplifier, the whole system benefits. A quieter amp means less distortion relayed to other components, helping reduce distortion and enhance music dynamics.

Easy to connect

No special installation or even additional mains sockets are required to fit the DC Blocker to your system. Simply plug into your amp’s IEC power socket and then connect to the mains socket vacated by the amp’s power cable.

Styled to match your system

With its clean, crisp lines, the DC Block looks every bit as sleek as you’d expect from the Audiolab brand. Available in black or silver, the DC Block perfectly matches Audiolab’s other products and also blends well with components from other brands.

Hear the music you’ve been missing, with the Audiolab DC Blocker.

  • Power Requirement: 100-240V ~ 50-60Hz
  • Peak Load*: 600VA
  • Audio Power Amplifier Compatability: <2x150W or <1x300W
  • Dimension (W x H x D): 113 x 59 x 140 (mm)
  • Weight: 0.7 kg
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