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Hifiman Jade II Electrostatic Headphone With Amplifier

by Hifiman
Original price €2,499.00 - Original price €2,499.00
Original price €2,499.00
€2,499.00 - €2,499.00
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When Hifiman introduced its first Electrostatic Headphone, Jade, in 2008, it quickly became a favourite of audiophiles and music lovers who fell in love with its natural and expansive soundfield.

Key Features

  • Nano-particle coated diaphragm providing an extremely high-frequency response and an excellent musical reproduction ability
  • High resolving audio and extremely high-frequency range allows the sound-stage to be dramatically open and expansive compared to a traditional "moving coil" type headphone
  • A single crystal copper wire with gold-plated plug for lossless signal transmission
  • Nanometer think dust cover helps prevent dust and other pollutants settling and avoiding ensuing distortion caused by electrostatic dust
  • Housing from ABS and a steel frame composed of a stainless-steel honeycomb mesh for the anode casing. The honeycomb mesh can protect the headphone from airflow vibrations assuring that the sound reduction remains true and accurate
  • Operation amplifier and a hybrid discrete component design
  • TI Texas high precision dual op-amp OPA2107AP for signal pre-amplification
  • Discrete transistor Cascode MOSFET powering the balanced output amplification
  • High voltage power supply using an independent power supply regulator
  • PCB layout optimization to reduce interference hum and allow for a more transparent sound
  • Made of aviation grade aluminium alloy
  • XLR balanced audio input and RCA source inputs
  • Equipped with two headphone output ports
  • 21 level volume control to allow for precision volume control
  • AC 115V / 230V power selector

Electrostatic Speed and Definition

Reach from the deepest lows all the way to 90LHz. HiFiMan's oval-shaped earcups provide the maximum diaphragm size for deep, resonant bass response.

Open-Back Design

An expanded, more intimately enveloping soundstage with natural sonics that place the listener in the best seat in the house.


The Jade II Headphone is light, weighing only 265g. Combination of lightweight aluminium alloy construction, padded earcups, and a hybrid headband design ensures a comfortable fit, even for extended periods of time.

  • Frequency Response: 7Hz-90kHz
  • Bias Voltage: 500V-650V
  • Headphone Weight: 365g (12.9oz)
  • Amplifier Weight: 6.5kg (14.3lb)
  • Amplifier Dimensions: 276 x 270 x 116mm (10.9" x 10.6" x 4.6")
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