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Hifiman Susvara Planar Magnetic Open-back Headphones

by Hifiman
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Original price €5,999.00
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The Susvara not only sounds heavenly, but it also feels heavenly to wear due to a special ergonomic design built comfort of extended listening sessions. Once you put on a pair of Susvaras', you will be listening for hours in comfort and bliss.

Acoustically Invisible Stealth Magnets

The latest innovation in the world of planar magnetic headphones is the development of a new design of magnet. HiFiMAN has called these “Stealth Magnets” after the core principle of anything stealth, to be as invisible as possible. Thus, the advanced magnet design used for the first time on the SUSVARA aims to be as acoustically transparent, or invisible as possible. In traditional designs, the magnets get in the way of the sound waves, by reflection and diffraction. This creates constructive and destructive interference and as these points shift with frequency changes there is a mass of wave interference taking place.

The use of “Stealth Magnets” on the SUSVARA means the sound wave reproduction can take place without the necessary magnets getting in their own way ruining the sonic purity of their output.

Nanometer Grade Drivers

HiFiMAN has been researching and developing Nanometer Grade diaphragms for many years, this core technology has been further refined in the design of SUSVARA. The production, processing and installation of diaphragm materials are highly complex. The drivers of extremely high tensile strength and low thickness and mass mean it can produce tremendously low distortion levels yet offer an outstanding dynamic response. This, while difficult, can be achieved at the same time by combining this diaphragm and “Stealth Magnet” technology. Each working in harmony for an end result where the audio produced is of remarkable tonal quality and clarity.

Compared to conventional dynamic driven headphones, planar magnetic headphones have solved problems such as surface distortion of high-frequency audio and the lingering vibrations in a dynamic loudspeaker. HIFIMAN has further improved the efficiency by the use of the nanometer grade diaphragm in the drivers.

The thickness of the SUSVARA’s diaphragm is under a millionth of a meter. This light, high tensile strength material with the acoustically invisible “Stealth Magnets” are a perfect sound-producing pairing. HiFiMAN has had to select from numerous prototype designs and production methods and find the best-sounding materials without regard to cost. As the successor to the HE6, the SUSVARA also uses a gold coating conductor on its diaphragm.

Window Shade System

The outer grill has been carefully designed to offer the physical protection required yet to have as minimal an acoustic impact as possible. The open-backed nature of the SUSVARA means that physical protection of the driver inside is necessary but it creates unwanted reflections. How do you stop the wave reflections from the protective grill creating wave interference? The answer was found in the careful crafting of the grill such that the secondary reflections caused are exactly controlled to avoid any unwanted vibrations reaching the delicate diaphragm. Thus the most detailed acoustic subtleties can remain unhindered to offer a perfectly natural sense of space and openness.

The “Window Shade” on the SUSVARA has been painstakingly optimized to avoid any resonant frequencies. This leads to superior aural purity, tonally clean and unadulterated yet provides practical protection for the ultra-fine diaphragm and additional offering an appealing visual aesthetic.

The Headband

Ergonomic and comfortable headband is designed to fit for most people, with greater reliability and durability.The metal headband structure is created via CNC milling and hand polishing. To adjust the headband, simply move each ear cup up or down until the top of the headband rests comfortably on your head and the ear cups surround your ears.

The Cables

The cable configuration used for the SUSVARA is a single crystalline copper wire alongside a single crystalline silver wire. A special composition ratio and quantity of the materials have ensured low resistance in the signal transmission and high mechanical strength for daily use which should ensure a long and fruitful existence. The cables are all user swappable and have channel orientation for left and right marked. Further, an “L” and “R” are indicated inside the headband. Once the cable is connected to the correct channel orientation, an easy way to tell left from right is that the cable is connected slightly towards the front of the ear cup. The cable then should gently drape across the user’s chest for greater comfort.

The Ear Pads

The elegant asymmetry of the ear pads on the SUSVARA conforms round the human ear, comfortably distributing the weight evenly yet offering a secure and sound grip. The pads themselves are gently bevelled, contouring and moulding to the users head thus providing superb comfort for long listening sessions.

  • Frequency Response : 6Hz-75kHz
  • Impedance : 60Ω
  • Sensitivity : 83dB
  • Weight : 450g (15.9oz)