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Musical Fidelity M6s R DAC

Original price €1,989.00 - Original price €1,989.00
Original price €1,989.00
€1,989.00 - €1,989.00
Current price €1,989.00
Color: Black
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Musical Fidelity M6S R DAC Upsampling/Reclocking DAC replaces the M6s DAC with some notable upgrades including improved USB socket, better DSD support and Roon Tested accreditation.

Key Features

  • 32bit 768kHz
  • True Upsampling/Reclocking DAC with DSD
  • Native DSD support (up to 256)
  • Upgraded ASIO Driver and new FW
  • Roon Tested and Certified
  • 7 Inputs (3x optical, 3x coaxial, 1x USB B)
  • Very High Performance Headphone Amp
  • Single Ended and Balanced Fixed/Variable Outputs


Like the original model, M6S R DAC also has seven inputs including three coaxial and three optical. The USB micro B input has been upgraded to a standard USB B port following requests from consumers. It has also been Roon tested and certified.

While it still accepts all data rates up to 32bit 768kHz and DSD 64/128 (DoP), the upgrade now supports native DSD 256 with ASIO Driver Playback. Highest manufacturing and qualitiy standards are achieved by fully switching the entire production to be made in the EU. Made to tighter tolerances, longevity and build quality are better than ever before.

Exceptional Performance

The M6S R DAC offers exceptional low distortion levels with and low noise floor. stereo separation is above 120dB and linearity is above 110dB. this DSD DAC truly excels in technical performance and will drive your headphones to their maximum performance potential.

Impressive Headphone Amp

Boasting a high performance headphone amp with incredibly low output impedance and single ended and balanced output stage that deliver very low distortion levels, the M6S R DAC is an impressive performer. Switch between fixed or variable mode to enjoy the benefits of the impressive circuitry and exceptional load driving characteristic.

Effortless Transparency

The M6S R DAC delivers a musical experience that is effortless in its grace and transparency. The sonic impression is hypnotic, ensuring your music is reproduced in beautiful quality. Every aspect of the sound is sweet and clear, and the treble can be enjoyed grain free and with an extended bandwidth. Excellent imaging and a dynamic, fast bass response is on offer from the M6S R DAC, all elements fusing together to deliver a performance that puts you at the centre of the music.

Output (RCA/XLR): Output Impedance: 47Ω
RCA Output: 2.2V R.M.S nominal (RCA) 4.4 R.M.S (XLR)
Headphones: Power: 1.5W / channel into 32Ω
Output devices: 2 per channel
Output impedance: 40Ω Suitable for 10-600Ω headphones
THD: <0.005% typical 20Hz to 20kHz
Signal/noise ratio: >115dB "A"-wtd
Total harmonic distortion: <0.0012% 10Hz to 20kHz
DAC: DAC Circuit: 32 bit Hyperstream II
Total correlated jitter: <12 picoseconds peak to peak
Linearity: Frequency response: <2Hz to 90kHz typically, -3dB (192 kHz input sample rate)
Channel seperation: >105dB 02Hz to 20kHz
Signal to noise: >120dB "A"-wtd
Total harmonic distortion: <0.0012% 10Hz to 20kHz
Line level outputs: 1 pair line level RCA (phono), left and right
1 pair line level XLR (balanced), left and right
Digital inputs: 3x RCA coaxial SPDIF in, 32-192kbps (16-24 bit stereo PCM)
3x TOSLINK optical in, 32-192 kbps (16-24 bit stereo PCM)
1USB 2.0in, type 'Micro B' connector for computer/PDA/other "host"
16-32 bits, 32-192 kbps fully asynchronous
(actual data determined by source filme/computer software settings)
Mains voltages: 230V/115V internally set or 100V optional
Consumption: 20Watts maximum
Dimensions: Width: 440mm
Height: 100mm
Depth: 380mm
Weight: 6.9kg (unboxed)
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