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Sumiko Songbird MC Cartridge

by Sumiko
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€1,049.00 - €1,049.00
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Output: High
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A truly high-end moving coil without the esoteric price tag, utilising a skeletal body fixed to an anti-resonant aluminium mounting plate for an uninterrupted sonic performance.


Particularly adept with vocals & acoustic instruments, Sumiko created Songbird to make genuine moving coil imaging available to any listener. It delivers the sweetest highs over a robust, rich yet clear low-midrange. Like its big sibling Starling, Songbird suspends sonic images in a highly controlled manner. As opposed to music being flung from your speakers, you’re placed among the naturally-positioned instruments in the soundstage, close in proximity to the intimate nuances of the musical material.



The Songbird and the superior Starling model are a heavy refinement on the long-standing Blue Point Special EVO III design. Securely anchored to a highly rigid, resonance-optimised headblock, the specialised generator system is free to work its magic with the utmost control, free of unwanted internal resonance. The generator assembly is flexible and sturdy, offering the highest fidelity possible in a perfect balance of clarity and romance. The result is industry-leading, holographic imaging with irresistibly ‘true’ sweetness. Each delivers a degree of honesty & refinement that you couldn't be more impressed by.



Sumiko are the market-leaders in high-output Moving Coil designs. So if you have an MM phono stage but want a premium MC experience, there’s a good chance Songbird High is the cartridge you’ve been dreaming about.

Clear and ultra-musical with just the right degree of warmth, the Songbird Low offers an even deeper soundstage with greater reach width-wise. As it’s generally more quiet thus allowing more detail to surface, you’ll be shocked by the surprises it yields even in the recordings you’re most familiar with. Stunningly holographic in a manner that approaches that of Starling, Songbird Low maximises the refinement of your MC system at a price that’s well below reasonable considering the performance it achieves.

Get the right Songbird for your system.



  • Overhead mounting cartridge for installing into a headshell
  • CNC-machined aluminium mounting plate
  • Moving Coil cartridge design
  • Open body construction avoids resonances around the generator system
  • Elliptical diamond stylus
  • Deep and wide soundstage with a touch of warmth

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