Q Acoustics M2 Soundbase
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Q Acoustics M2 Soundbase


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An in-built subwoofer, BMR 180 wide sound dispersion and MoviEQ technologies, the Q Acoustics M2 Soundbase makes the perfect home cinema speaker, whilst remaining sleek and flexible in its positioning and connectivity.


An in-built subwoofer, BMR 180 wide sound dispersion and MoviEQ technologies, the Q Acoustics M2 Soundbase makes the perfect home cinema speaker, whilst remaining sleek and flexible in its positioning and connectivity.


The Q Acoustics M2 Soundbase has been developed to incorporate the same “DNA” and design qualities that can be found in most other Q Acoustics speaker and sound bar products. Delivering an outstanding quality for TV sound and a pristine audio sound performance, this soundbase uses a powerful 80W amplifier, unique BMR wide dispersion sound technology and a built in subwoofer to produce a room filling, immersive and high quality cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home. Versatile and space saving, the M2 Sounbase has been designed to remain compact and sleek, with placement options available such as shelf mounting, discreet cabinet placement and even the ability to support a TV directly on top of the speaker.


Movies will come to life with this impressive soundbase thanks to the addition of MoviEQ technology, increasing bass in order to produce the ultimate in home cinema sound. Doubling as an all-in-one music system for music lovers, with the ability to stream music via Bluetooth APTX oor NFC (for Android devices) all in the highest possible quality, the M2 Soundbase will allow you to stream music even when your television is switched off. No matter whether you choose to use this soundbase as a home theatre speaker or as a speaker through which you play your music, it will always deliver stunning and immersive sound that is tantamount to perfection when compared to any other soundbase currently on the market.


Q Acoustics is known worldwide for their commitment to the production of class leading and acoustically superior products, and the M2 Soundbase is no exception. Opening up a quality of sound that your TV would otherwise be unable to produce, this soundbase will deliver subtle layers to your music and movie soundtracks that would usually remain unheard. In traditional speakers, one would usually be in search of the exact listening position in which the sound is at its optimum, known commonly as the “sweet spot”. But with the M2 Soundbase, that “sweet spot” is dispersed around the entire room thanks to the 180 degree sound technology. The wide dispersion BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) speaker drivers will provide this 180 degree sound that will fill your entire listening space, produce unbelievable stereo separation and clarity, and deliver a depth to the soundscape that will transform any listening experience thanks to the in-built subwoofer.


The aforementioned built-in subwoofer will remove the need for any external subwoofers and trailing wires, and reduce drastically the possibility of incoherent and disjointed sound occurring. Seeing as the majority of soundbases and soundbars need an external subwoofer in order to perform at their best – the main soundbar taking control of the high and mid range frequencies and the external subwoofer dealing with the ‘sub’ bass frequencies – the fact that this soundbase can achieve all of this in one sleek unit is truly something to be marvelled at.


With a wide range of inputs including HDMI, Optical, Bluetooth and NFC, this stylish and compact soundbase not only provides stunning sound, but impressive flexibility when it comes to connectivity, too.


  • 180 degree sound dispersion technology makes the entire listening space a ‘sweet spot’
  • MoviEQ technology increases bass to produce the ultimate in home cinema sound
  • In-built subwoofer removed the need for external units and trailing wires
  • BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) speaker drivers
  • HDMI, Bluetooth and NFC connectivity options







Power output   



80W (2 x 20W + 40W)


THD (at rated power)    





Frequency response



+/-0.5dB 20Hz to 20kHz


S/N ratio (A-Wtd)           





HDMI, Optical and USB




Line in 1 (RCA phono) min. input sensitivity





Line in 1 (RCA phono) input overload    



2.2 Vrms


Line in 2 (3.5mm jack) min. input sensitivity



450 mVrms


Line in 2 (3.5mm jack) input overload   






1.2 Vrms


L&R drivers



BMR 58mm x 58mm





Dual voice coil 100mm x 150mm


Crossover (Typical)        




Power Consumption





Deep Standby  



<0.5 Watt





11 Watts


Power Rating






100~240V - 50~60Hz 100W


Bluetooth® specification



V4.0 class 2 device







Internal stereo CODEC





Stereo audio sample rate           



Up to 48kHz


Music enhancements   



aptX®, SBC, MP3, AAC


Support for




Weight and Dimensions


AVRCP 1.4, A2DP, 802.11 co-existence


Product (W x H x D)       



550mm x 93mm x 338mm


Packaging (W x H x D)   



615mm x 178mm x 428mm


Net weight/Gross Weight



5.8 kg, 7.9 kg


Manufacturer Warranty Period


2 years

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